Logical Operations

Learning Preparation

After over 30 years of developing the highest quality training curriculum available today, Logical Operations has leveraged their training expertise to develop high-stakes IT certifications that fill a gap in the IT certification marketplace. Logical Operations uses a rigorous development process (consistent with the ANSI/ISO17024 standard) to create vendor-specific and vendor-neutral certifications that are in line with market demands.

Transcender, a brand of Kaplan IT Training, is the authorized practice test provider for Logical Operation's popular Cybersec First Responder (CFR) certification. In today's global threat landscape, it's not a question of if, but when a cybersecurity incident will occur. The CFR-210 showcases a cybersecurity professional's ability to quickly detect and respond to active cyber threats. It not just about detailed knowledge of the analysis techniques and tools, but a cybersecurity expert must also identify and respond, in real time, to the broad array of security threats affecting their networks.


CFR-210 - CyberSec First Responder (CFR) Practice Exam