Professional Upholstery Cleaning for Leather Lounges and Sofas

Have you started to feel as though the seating in your living room is starting to look a bit worn out, or just plain messy and dirty? Today, one of the most expensive household assets, apart from your carpet, is your leather or fabric upholstered lounges or sofas. In many cases, many thousands of hard earned dollars are parted with in purchasing these items. As such, you can understand just how important it is to have such pricey assets professionally cleaned to ensure their longevity. If you’ve been searching for the leaders in upholstery cleaning that are specialists with sofas and leather lounge suites throughout the Newcastle, Central Coast or Sydney area, you can finally call off the search!

How our upholstery cleaners in Central Coast, Newcastle and beyond will help

Like most things, upholstery such as leather lounge suites and sofas require rigorous cleaning to stop the buildup of airborne pollutants, body oils and assorted food and drink spills. Quite often well-meaning owners or friends who have spilled food or drink on these surfaces cause damage to the material by introducing inappropriate high acid or alkaline cleaners.

Using our abundance of experience our professional cleaners, servicing the areas of Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle, will approach your upholstery with the utmost care to make sure you’re left with results you’ll absolutely love. Say goodbye to unsightly stains and unwanted germs when you come to us.

For cleaning of leather and fabric lounges and sofas plus more

Our cleaners proudly provide our customers from Central Coast to Newcastle and Sydney with a myriad of additional services to upholstery, including (but not limited to) mattresses as well as rug cleaning. Simply contact us today to find out more and get your free quote.

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