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When you go to bed at night, you probably don’t even think about (or don’t want to think about) what you’re sleeping on top of! There are a number of wonderful benefits in calling the experts for a truly professional mattress cleaning, and if you’re located in Newcastle, the Central Coast or Sydney, there’s nowhere better than Pristine Carpet Cleaning. Just a couple of the advantages in calling us to come to your home and provide our service include:

  • Eradicating unwanted pests

Dust mites and bed bugs might make for good housemates in the sense that they make no noise, but their presence will surely irritate you in every other way. From the allergies that can be triggered from the faeces of dust mites to itchy bites left on your skin by bed bugs, you can see how much better it would be if you had them evicted professionally

  • Extends its life

Let’s face it, mattresses can be very expensive. By getting a professional cleaning performed you’ll drastically lengthen how long it lasts.

Why call us to provide professional cleaning of your mattress

Utilising our professional training and experience, we can aid in keeping your bed free of shedded skin, dust mites and their left over residue which can cause problems in humans with allergies and respiratory complaints. Customers are often amazed at the amount of foreign matter which can be removed during the process.

Given that we spend up to one third of our lives in bed, you can understand the huge importance of making sure it’s an environment that’s clean and welcoming. So whether you’re in Newcastle, Sydney or Central Coast, if your mattress is in need of cleaning and you’d like it completed by the best in the business, contact us today.

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We’re able to offer everything from tile and grout to expert carpet cleaning and much more in and around Sydney, Newcastle and Central Coast. Call 0438 763 395 to discuss your needs with us and for a free quote.

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